What are we?

Part of the RDM Family

Mavisoft is located at the Innovation Dock, a pioneer in research and development for the port sector in Rotterdam. We work alongside companies such as RAMLab and CaptainAI who are all leading their respective industries, we aim to do the same.

Industrial Grade Solutions

Mavisoft's core is to provide cutting edge Machine Vision solutions to the Industrial Sector. All data-sets and models are tailor made for the end customer, delivering the most robust solution possible. The entire infrastructure is built in-house and is developer friendly, future-proof, seamlessly scalable and fully autonomous.

State of The Art Team

Our biggest asset and key to success is our development team. Over multiple years, we have aggressively searched for the ultimate 'unicorns' of AI developers. Together, we are able to quickly provide Demos, MVPs and full fledged solutions, ready for industrial use.