Improve your container handling efficiency with Scantainr

Transform your shipping container management with our plug & play solution. Harnessing OCR and damage detection streamline decision-making by rapidly identifying crucial details and faults.

Result accuracy
Reduced gate congestion
To generate damage and condition report

Unlock key information about your containers using AI vision technology

We use existing cameras from your gate infrastructure together with our AI algorithms to automatically detect and identify unique identifiers such as container numbers, hazard labels, and faults such as dents, holes, compressions, cuts & gouges, cracks, bent doors, and missing components.

Compatible with IICL and ISO CEDEX damage regimes
Indicates if further container inspection is needed
Prevents against claims
Generates damage reports in under 5 seconds

Don’t have the existing gate infrastructure yet? No worries, our team will help you to design the ideal set-up based on your specific needs.


From OCR to full-fledged maintenance & repair application

With a combination of OCR and damage detection, we provide an end-to-end solution to automate the entire container handling process, from reading numeric values and verifying the data to pinpointing the damages.

ISO codes
Dangerous goods labels
Seal detection
Registration plate and verification with the license plate
Cargo volume and weight

Scantainr’s APIs allow for seamless integration with no interference; whether it be an outdated TOS or custom-made M&R platform, Scantainr can be applied to it all.

Manage and visualise your results in our tailor-made web portal

Scantainr provides easy access to essential information for faster decision-making. You can view results in multiple formats, such as damage codes (CEDEX/IICL) or PDF reports. With PDF reports, we also provide a customised dashboard to meet your needs. It allows you to view and filter out reports based on damage type, size, severity, date and terminal.

Scantainr report

Leading the way in automated container

surveying and gate automation

Scantainr report

Benefit from automating your container handling process

Highly accurate and reliable container damage detection
Faster terminal operations and reduced gate congestion
Lower costs for container inspections
Increased employee safety on site
Increased repair turnover


"My experience working with Mavisoft has been fantastic. They are very open to tailoring their solution to fit the customer's needs. There are clearly no hierarchical stumbling blocks as Teddy was equally as available to meet our needs as every other person in the team. The biggest compliment I will say here is that their solution works. The team’s willingness to take feedback in a positive way is a big plus with working with Mavisoft."

Engineering Project Manager
at Port Saint John

"The team is very motivated and inspired us to work together. They are passionate about their product and believe in the benefits."

Manager of Digitization and innovation
at Duisport

"With the help of an AquaSmartXL water drone, we collect high-quality images. Mavisoft's artificial intelligence then converts these into a 3D model and automatically detects damage like cracks or corrosion. In short: this innovative floating drone helps us ensure safe and smooth traffic in the port."

Technical manager
at Port of Antwerp

"Mavisoft gave our port a huge advantage with inspection by being able to detect and repair the damages much quicker than we could before."

ICT Manager
at Zeebrugge

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