Industrial asset surveying and management solutions powered by AI

Streamline and optimize your asset inspection process with our image-based AI damage detection.

Automated Industrial Asset Surveying

Highly detailed reports on the condition of your assets, allowing you to perform strategic, priority-based repairs that fit your budget
Compatible with industry-level regulations
A tailor-made solution that provides you with the intelligence to conduct predictive maintenance, extending asset life by up to 11%
Detect damage in metal, asphalt, concrete and composite materials based industrial assets
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Enhance your inspections

Revolutionize the way you inspect and maintain your industrial assets

Up to 80% faster than traditional inspection methods.
By automating your surveying process, you can expect cost savings of up to 40%.
Data collection, processing and analysis are done by drones and our AI, which means a safer inspection process.
Higher coverage
Get a complete 360-degree view of your asset, including any hard-to-access areas.
Higher Accuracy
By using AI analysis, you’ll ensure nothing is missed, every part of your asset is processed.
Longer Life
Detailed reports allow for priority-based repairs extending asset life by up to 11%.

Our plug-and-play solutions

See like we see it

Our work process

How does it work?

We require only high-resolution images to deliver detailed inspection. Need support in collecting the data? No worries! Our team of experts are here to help you.
1. Data collection
Once we have the data, we create a digital twin (3D model) and use our AI models to pinpoint and analyse the severity of the damages.
2. AI processing and analysing the data
You can choose how you want to see the results. It can be done in a PDF report, JSON, GEO files, damage codes, repair estimates, or even integrated into your already existing GIS.
3. Detailed condition report

Industries We Serve

Concrete pavements, blast fences, passenger bridges, crossing points, platform lighting, runways, taxiways, stands and ramps.
Quay walls, jetties, berths, storage tanks, pipe racks, processing plants, oil terminals, and any other metal or concrete based assets.
Oil and gas wells, pipelines, storage tanks, petrochemical plants, and more.
Manufacturing facilities, warehouses and storage facilities, transportation and logistics infrastructure and more.
Offshore platforms, drilling rigs, offshore storage tanks and more.
OCR and damage detection for all types of containers, from 8ft general-purpose dry cans to 45ft high cube containers, tanks (T-series), refrigerated containers, and open-top and flat rack containers.

Mavisoft gave our port a huge advantage with inspection, by being able to detect and repair the damages much quicker than we could before.

Peter Merlevede
ICT Manager at Zeebrugge

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