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Mavisoft is a leading researcher in automated industrial surveying, We use Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twinning to analyze images and their features, particularly defects in metal, concrete, and other materials commonly found on industrial assets.

Our State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence algorithms are reliable, accurate, and scalable, allowing for seamless optimization with no interference.

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We provide the most reliable and trendy surveying solution you are looking for.

Concrete and Metal Damage Detection

Mavisoft’s State of the Art models detect multiple types of damage across metal and concrete based assets with severity classifications.

Integratable Data Visualisation

Are you still running on legacy platforms? No worries! Our API allows for processes and results to be displayed on any existing platform, old or new!

AI Budget Management

Have a limited budget for maintaining your assets? Let the Mavisoft Budget AI advise you how to most effectively spend on repairs.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your damage surveying needs.

Industries We Serve!

From nuclear plants to chemical factories, we assess the condition of all metal and concrete based assets to give you full transparency into their condition.

In the maritime sector, Mavisoft is a leading provider of container surveying solutions for repair, maintenance, and claims optimization.

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Using Drones and AI for offshore surveying allows for low-risk, high accuracy inspections at a much lower cost than traditional surveying methods.

Need Help Optimizing Surveying and Claims Processes? We Are Experts!

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