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Start seeing your assets
in the detail they deserve.

Streamline and optimize your asset inspection
process with our image-based AI damage detection

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The End to End Solution

Automated Industrial Surveying

Highly detailed reports on the condition of your assets, allowing you to perform strategic, priority-based repairs that fit your budget.

A tailor-made solution that provides you with the intelligence to conduct predictive maintenance, extending asset life by up to 10%

Detect damage to metal, concrete and composite materials, as well as classifying their severity based on industry level regulations

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Up to 80% faster than traditional inspection methods


By automating your surveying process you can expect savings of up to 40%


Using unmanned drones to collect data in dangerous areas means a safer process

Higher Coverage

Get a complete 360-degree view of your asset, including any hard to access areas

Higher Accuracy

By using AI analysis you’ll ensure nothing is missed, every inch is processed

Longer Life

Detailed reports allow for priority-based repairs extending asset life by up to 10%

How it works

1. Collect Images

1. Collect Images

We require only high-resolution images to deliver detailed analytics. Need help? No worries! We can help you with this process.

2. AI Inspects Images

2. AI Inspects Images

Once you've uploaded your data to our portal, our AI creates a digital twin (3D Model) and damages are rated, assessed and localized.

3. Detailed Analytics Delivered

3. Detailed Analytics Delivered

We provide a range of data outputs, from PDF reports to GIS friendly data layers that can integrate into solutions like ArcGIS.

Industries We Serve


In the aviation sector, Mavisoft is a leading provider of digital surveying of airport runways, taxiways, stands and ramps


The infrastructure of maritime ports are extensive and varied in their material and ease-of-access. We can do inspections of any asset in a port, from quay walls, jetties, berths, to storage tanks, and pipe racks.

Shipping Containers

In the freight shipping sector, Mavisoft is a leading provider of container surveying solutions for repair, maintenance, and claims optimisation.


From nuclear plants to chemical factories, we assess the condition of all metal and concrete based assets to give you full transparency into their condition.


Using Drones and AI for offshore surveying allows for low-risk, high accuracy inspections at a much lower cost than traditional surveying methods.


For the oil and gas industries we can survey processing plants, oil terminals, and other complex facilities to give you the information you need to reduce your asset maintenance costs.


The predictive maintenance of aerospace assets is a relatively new field and we're working with our partners to expand our offerings in this sector.

Aviation Docklands Shipping Containers Manufacturing Offshore Energy Aerospace

See like we see

Mavisoft’s AI models are built with the surveyor in mind. Along with cooperation with the Dutch NEN classification society (NEN 2767-4) and numerous surveyors, our models ensure accurate predictions of damages and their severity level, giving you full transparency into the condition of your asset.

A Digital Twin that
keeps everyone on
the same page

Mavisoft’s models are made to provide the perfect balance between performance and operating cost, resulting in better analytics, and an even better return on investment.

View & Inspect In Full 3D

See Exact Damages in Real World Data

Review, Validate & Report as Fixed

Accessible 24/7 In the Cloud

Compare & Contrast against the Past

2 Billion Square Meters in the Bank:

Mavisoft gave our port a huge advantage with inspection, by being able to detect and repair the damages much quicker than we could before. Peter Merlevede, ICT Manager at Zeebrugge

Our plug-and-play solutions

Client Stories

Port of Antwerp’s
Digital Transformation

How our AI solution is being used to optimize one of the most advanced ports in the world.

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Latest News

Completion of successful pilot project with duisport

We are beyond happy about the successful completion of this pilot project with duisport – Duisburger Hafen AG! Being part of the startport GmbH accelerator program has come with great benefits, one of them being the introduction to Duisport. Mavisoft looks forward to a further collaboration with Duisport! We invite you to read about this fantastic project here:


Port of Zeebrugge pilot project kicks off with partners

We were honored to be part of this project with Port of Zeebrugge, focused on optimizing the surveying process with the use of Drones and Artificial Intelligence. Our focus was to conduct a quay wall inspection, where Citymesh also played a significant role, by delivering high-quality images with the use of their ‘safety drone’ which is currently being […]


Mavisoft moves ahead with startport innovation platform

Mavisoft has been selected to move forward with the startport GmbH accelerator program. We are beyond happy to be joining this innovative program aimed at supporting startups and scaleups with coaching, workshops, and more importantly, penetrating the German market! As we are starting to expand our services in the German market, this is a promising opportunity for us […]


Automated Industrial Surveying

Synchronize your real world with the digital

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