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What can our solution do for you?

  •  We provide cutting edge machine vision solutions for the oil and shipping industry. 
  • Our solution is able to automate the process in which assets are recorded throughout their process, making this one of the most technologically advanced asset management systems.
  • Our solutions aloow our clients to better manage and maintain their assets by detecting anomalies relative to condition and general use.
  • We are also able to offer track and trace solutions and various counting methods. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows us to cross reference images to different labels which ensures that your images are correctly organized and labeled. 
  • We are currently focused on the Dutch market, specifically the Port of Rotterdam.


  • We provide seamless connectivity with a pricing plan based solely on usage. 
  • Leading platforms allow us to provide you with the most advanced machine vision software. 
  • These are the most versatile and capable platforms that we have chosen for the purpose of process optimization within the shipping industry.

Peace of Mind

  •  Security of your files are a top priority. All dataflow occurs locally within a closed network. 
  • We also provide around the clock support as well as a physical presence in The Port of Rotterdam.
  • To give you an idea of how secure our system is, we are fully HIPAA compliant meaning that we do not store or share any information given to us by our clients.

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