Extend the lifespan of your industrial asset with Infrascan

Discover the power of an end-to-end surveying solution utilising artificial intelligence and photogrammetry to identify and categorise defects in concrete, asphalt, metal and composite materials.

Embrace sustainable practices ensuring your employee safety and prolonged asset maintenance.

Result accuracy
Lower surveying costs
Extended life of your assets

Extend your asset lifespan with early damage detection

By combining AI and photogrammetry, we are able to pinpoint and localise the damages, such as acid attacks, biochemical reactions, cracks, early exposed metal, missing pieces, rust, corrosion, tilting and paint chipping with 99% accuracy.

Compatible with the latest inspection standards
Real-time condition reports
360° digital twin
GIS-compatible data

Detecting damages at the earliest stage possible, we are able to extend the lifespan of your asset by up to 11%.

Digital twin
OCR Detection

Asset degradation tracking

With Infrascan, we are able to precisely track the changes in your damaged assets. This allows us to provide you with a better understanding of your asset behaviour resulting in the ability to make more informed decisions.

Prolong your assets life cycle
Prioritise necessary maintenance and repairs
Proactively monitor and maintain your assets

Do you already have an asset management system which your employees prefer using? That’s not a problem! Our damage reports (including all the data) can be integrated into any GIS system, so it’s easy for your team to use.

Results and web portal

To view and manage the results of your assets, you can access them via our web portal. Within the portal, you can filter out the damages based on their type, size and location.

The results are also compatible with GIS, which can be exported (including but not limited to damages and 3D models) and implemented in any asset management system. By combining the data and your GIS, we provide you with an ultimate high-level overview of your assets.

In addition to the GIS integration, you can also choose a file exporting option. This can be done in multiple formats such as (but not limited to) PDF, JSON, GEO files, repair estimates and more.

Infrascan report

Industries we work with

Ports, terminals, docks, and other infrastructure that supports shipping operations and more.
Oil & Gas
Oil and gas wells, pipelines, storage tanks, petrochemical plants, and more.
Offshore platforms, drilling rigs, offshore storage tanks and more.
Manufacturing facilities, warehouses and storage facilities, transportation and logistics infrastructure and more.
Infrascan report

Benefit by automating your industrial asset surveying process

Extend your asset lifespan by up to 11%
Conduct asset inspections 80% faster than using traditional methods
Reduce your OPEX cost by up to 40%
Receive highly objective results, with 99% accuracy, which results in better predictability of asset degradations
Lower the risk of your employees getting into dangerous and unhealthy environments


"My experience working with Mavisoft has been fantastic. They are very open to tailoring their solution to fit the customer's needs. There are clearly no hierarchical stumbling blocks as Teddy was equally as available to meet our needs as every other person in the team. The biggest compliment I will say here is that their solution works. The team’s willingness to take feedback in a positive way is a big plus with working with Mavisoft."

Engineering Project Manager
at Port Saint John

"The team is very motivated and inspired us to work together. They are passionate about their product and believe in the benefits."

Manager of Digitization and innovation
at Duisport

"With the help of an AquaSmartXL water drone, we collect high-quality images. Mavisoft's artificial intelligence then converts these into a 3D model and automatically detects damage like cracks or corrosion. In short: this innovative floating drone helps us ensure safe and smooth traffic in the port."

Technical manager
at Port of Antwerp

"Mavisoft gave our port a huge advantage with inspection by being able to detect and repair the damages much quicker than we could before."

ICT Manager
at Zeebrugge

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