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The Next Generation of Container Inspections

Originally built with MedRepair in 2019, Scantainr is a cutting edge solution for conducting damage surveying on containers, tank containers, and reefer containers.

Built in accordance with the ISO CEDEX regime, Scantainr has over 20 different types of damage classification, including zoning, and volume measurements. Repair estimations and severity classifications allows for repair and maintenance management, in addition to claims and liability management.

A fully autonomous system that develops a comprehensive proof of condition database for all your containers.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your surveying needs.

Know exactly what happened, where, and when.

Scantainr povides proof of conditioning in real time, documenting every container, its number, damages, and the severity of those damages.

No more false claims!

Are you receiving large amount of damage claims from clients? Scantainr provides automatic document creation that can be sent to your clients to prevent claims from the source.

Bringing you one step closer to full autonomy.

Scantainr is a Plug & Play solution that is easy to implement and reaps large benefits. No longer do stevedors have to inspect containers, but rather focus on the things that really matter.

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