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Redefining Maintenance of Infrastructure

Infrascan is an infrastructure management solution (using Artificial Intelligence) that detects and classifies defects in concrete and metal. It enables sustainable practices in a risk-free environment for employees and encourages enhancing the lifecycle of the assets.

Industrial surveyors spend 80% of their time on repetitive tasks, leading to higher chances of human error and missed classifications of damages. Therefore the classifications are inaccurate, and unnecessary repairs are being made.

Real-Time Condition Reports

Provides proof of the condition of the infrastructure and allows the client to filter the damages according to their needs.

360° Digital twin

It allows to localize all of the impairments and their severity and to look back to compare the new damages to understand the lifecycle better.


Mavisoft possesses a platform resting on APIs that allows inspectors to validate the data and add any necessary information for further inspections.

GIS-compatible data

The digital twin is geo-tagged, which allows all the data to be forwarded to clients’ GIS. Therefore it makes it easy to track the deterioration of the assets within custom dashboards that are provided by Mavisoft.

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Infrascan Info Sheet — Mavisoft

Infrascan Key Features


Infrastructure types

Infrascan is designed to detect inconsistencies that occur in quay walls, jetties, berths, storage tanks, pipe ranks, processing plants, oil terminals, and any other metal or concrete based assets. 

Detection Types

Infrascan has a wide range of detection capabilities, therefore, is able to detect:

  • Acid attacks
  • Biochemical reactions
  • Cracks
  • Early exposed metal
  • Missing pieces
  • Rust
  • Rusty bolts
  • Rust stains

Technology & Integration

Infrascan is based on Mavisoft IP, which comprises damage data from maritime, oil & gas, public infrastructure, and even airports. Our digital twins can be accessed through our web portal or can be integrated into clients’ GIS, such as ArcGIS or QGIS.

Data & Result Outputs

The results can be delivered in several formats, depending on the client’s needs in order to provide the key information. As standard, we offer comprehensive PDF reports that can include every detection found, whether small or high-level items. We also provide a JSON file with all the raw detection data that clients can use for their own purposes.

The reports are highly detailed, allowing strategic, priority-based repairs according to all types of budgets.

Web Portal

To track the records of the Infrascan, Mavisoft offers a web portal that allows viewing and managing generated results. 

At the portal, the client is able to generate a customisable report based on their needs, such as claims or repair processing overviews. It also allows viewing full high-resolution images captured and raw data of all detections. 

The web portal can either be installed locally on-site or on the Mavisoft cloud system by creating clients’ accounts.

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Infrascan Info Sheet — Mavisoft

Infrascan Benefits


Lower costs and time consumption

Infrascan surveying method costs 38% less than the traditional method (which includes data collection, processing and analysis). Furthermore, the surveying process is 80% faster and is made in a safer environment than standard assessment methods. 

Higher safety factor

Infrascan uses fewer personnel than a traditional surveying method. This way, employees are not being exposed to risky and unhealthy environments and are able to avoid them (e.g. collision risks). 

Better predictability

Infrascan, which is based on Mavisoft’s highly generalized models, provides accurate results that are highly objective. We are able to measure with such precision that allows us to continue inspecting with high accuracy of how the damages have grown over time. This process was impossible before due to the human error involved in inspections.

Other operational benefits

  • The process of inspecting, assessing and reporting is simplified with automation tools
  • The inspection results do not depend on the inspection career. 
  • The deterioration in concrete and metal can be better monitored and prevented over the years. 

What is the process? 

  • Images are collected from one of many drone partners located throughout the EU. 
  • Using photogrammetry, we create a 3D model of the asset based on the 2D photo-set, which requires 80% overlap. 
  • Infrascan runs inference on the 2D images, localising all the damages with 100% accuracy on metal and concrete based assets.
  • The analysis provides in-depth severity classifications and damage types, allowing for accurate cost prediction for strategic budgeting and repair management.
  • The AI analysis is aggregated into the 3D model, creating a true digital twin of the asset and labelled by our in-house team. 
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