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Redefining Maintenance of the Containers

Scantainr is an automated container surveying solution using Artificial Intelligence to detect and classify defects based on their size, severity and location by using images captured by existing cameras. It provides real-time recording and monitoring of containers and their condition.

Scantainr is able to improve core business by increasing container flow, reducing container handling and the need for surveying areas. It only requires images to operate and is able to work with existing camera infrastructures such as OCR providers.

Real-Time Condition Reports

Instantly process images from an STS Crane / Truck gate-in and receive a report in under 5 seconds to make decisions fast.

Spot Container Inspections

Provide an immediate indication if a container needs further inspection when discharging from a ship.

Claim Inspections 

Provide the necessary proof of the condition of the container to ensure companies are well protected against claims.

Repair Inspections

Can be carried out to understand precisely which damages need to be repaired in order to meet client-specific requirements.

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Scantainr Info Sheet — Mavisoft

Scantainr Key Features


Container Types

Scantainr is designed to detect inconsistencies that occur in transit that are common in a wide range of intermodal containers. 

It is able to identify, categorise and localise the detections from 8ft general-purpose dry cans to 45ft high cube containers, tanks (T-series), refrigerated containers, and open-top and flat rack containers.

We are constantly working on adding more types of containers to work with and are able to adjust to clients’ unique requirements. 

Detection Types

Scantainr has a wide range of detection capabilities, therefore, is able to detect:

  • Dents (concave, convex, rail dents)
  • Holes
  • Compressions
  • Cuts & Gouges
  • Cracks
  • Bent Doors
  • Open Cams
  • Missing components
  • Seal presence

Detection types can be classified by their severity, size and location. As a standard, Scantainr uses the ISO container equipment data exchange (CEDEX) regime to label and present all detections. For specific needs, we are able to develop a custom set of classifiers that present the key elements that cover the client’s needs.

Data & Result Outputs

Mavisoft is able to deliver results in several formats, depending on the client’s needs. We offer comprehensive reports that include every detection found and all raw data that clients can use for their own purposes. 

The report can also be developed according to the client’s needs in order to provide them with primary information. 

Web portal

In order to keep track of the records by Scantainr, we are able to offer a web portal that allows clients to manage and generate all their results. It allows generating custom reports, viewing full high-resolution raw images, and viewing reports directly in the browser. 

The web portal can either be installed locally on-site or on the Mavisoft cloud system by creating clients’ accounts.

Mavisoft is also able to integrate the results into clients’ existing terminal operating systems (TOS) to keep operations as centralized as possible. 

Technology & Integration 

Scantainr is a GPU-dependent container management solution which needs specific technology requirements to perform its operations effectively.

The technology can be installed locally on-site or as a cloud-based solution. Therefore, a client is the sole owner of all their data at all times. Using Docker technology, Mavisoft can provide effortless integration into almost all terminal operating systems. 

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Scantainr Info Sheet — Mavisoft

Scantainr Benefits


Lower costs and time consumption

Scantainr minimises the costs associated with inspections, as the data collection, processing and analysis are being digitalised. Therefore, employees are able to use their time efficiently on other key projects. 

Higher safety factors

With Scantainr, fewer personnel are necessary as the data are being captured automatically, which delivers stable and reliable performance. It lowers the risk of employees getting into a dangerous and unhealthy environment. 

Additionally, a full inspection can better signal the presence and the emergence of foreign object damage (FOD) and reduce its risk.

Better predictability

Infrascan, being based on Mavisoft’s highly generalized models, provides accurate results that are highly objective. It allows localizing and measuring damages without error, while human resources have a 30% chance of possible fallacy.

Other operational benefits:

  • Increased speed of the inspection process
  • The process of inspecting, assessing and reporting is simplified with automation tools
  • The inspection results do not depend on the inspection career. 
  • The deterioration in concrete and metal objects can be better monitored and prevented over the years.

Scantainr Technical Specifications

Systems Recommended Requirements
Operating System Linux 
GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 8GB
CPU  8 core, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz
Storage Space 500GB-1TB
Memory (RAM) 16 GB
Misc Docker (20.10.12+)
SSH Connection 
Temp root/admin access
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