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Mavisoft’s AI models are built with the surveyor in mind. Along with cooperation with the Dutch NEN classification society (NEN 2767-4) and numerous surveyors, our models ensure accurate predictions of damages and their severity level, giving you full transparency into the condition of your asset.

Are you an asset manager with a limited budget for repair and maintenance? With the Mavisoft API, our AI can advise what damages need to be fixed in order to ensure your asset is as functional as your budget allows it to be. With a state-of-the-art severity detector, our AI ensures only the damages that matter are repaired.

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

Metal Damage Detection

Our Metal Damage detector focuses on a wide variety of metal related damages, including but not limited to corrosion, mechanical damages, and overall structural integrity.

Container Damage Detection

Mavisoft is a leading researcher in Port Surveying Solutions, with the main focus being container surveying. This is done in accordance with the ISO CEDEX classification, which is the most comprehensive damage classification for containers to date.

Concrete Damage Detection

Whether you’re surveying a building or an industrial chimney, our concrete damage detector can pinpoint multiple faults; these include but are not limited to cracks, missing pieces, exposed bricks, and exposed metal. Our AI can even tell if there is a loose bolt!

Process Optimization

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool which can be used to optimize virtually any situation. Please have a look at some of these examples to get an idea of the more abstract problems we have tackled with our AI.

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