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Infrascan is revolutionizing how we survey assets.

Infrascan is an Artificial Intelligence based surveying solutions that is able to detect concrete and metal based damages. Made in accordance with the NEN-2767, Infrascan provides high accuracy detections, with the ability to determine severity on a structural and financial level.

Infrascan comes with a web-portal where you can either upload your own images, or contract one of our partners to collect the images for you with cutting edge drone technology. For more information, contact us.

Inspection of a quay wall
Rust identified 100%
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What you can expect from Infrascan

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Infrascan is not only faster AND cheaper than traditional surveying methods, but it also provides a new level of insight only achieved by heavily researched AI approaches.

Higher Accuracy

Traditional surveying is always at risk of human error. Thanks to good old cameras and some AI magic, we can see what people can’t, and then some. 

Quality Unsurpassed

Our models are created in accordance with multiple surveyors, as well as with the Dutch classification society NEN. Industry specific solutions are built in accordance with ISO standards in order to assure accurate results that are understood worldwide. 

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